Complete Electronic
Document and Form
Management System

  • Create, Manage & Share with a few clicks
  • Experience Real-time Collaboration
  • 100% automated Workflow

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Through E-forms, you can make revisions and update it according to your departmental need. Further more, the smooth form review procedure can be scattered amongst related

Shift your traditional paper forms

and transform them into digital format to escape the hectic of organizational

Manage all the forms

Manage all the forms electronically and get the freedom of personalized access to ensure the confidentiality of the company’s information.

Conduct real-time workflow

integration seamlessly in our E-Forms Studio to build highly interactive electronic forms fostering various procedures’ completion.

Adhere to corporate regularities

sections depending on the data required, to warrant correct data collection with utmost user attention.

E-Form Features

Absolute Workflow automation system is capable of taking up distinct case studies of primary corporate departments. Automate the backbone departments of your company with our efficient system to save your work time and improve business performance.

Enhance corporate efficiencies

Eliminate data entry errors

Ensure precise data collection

Improve hierarchal collaboration & workflow exposure.

Enhance corporate efficiencies

Complete compliance with the company’s data policies

Highly Interactive Interface.

Drag and drop technology

Dynamic attributes

Seamless sharing to external candidates

Real-time workflow integration

Automated Email alerts

Document Management System

DMS will not only automate different processes and workflow but will serve you with the best one-time solution for unlimited documents.

A highly improved disaster recovery mechanism will protect your documents in case of any inconvenience.

Digitally Organize Documents in order

to retrieve them instantly with encrypted data storage security server along with a centralized security through Absolute DMS.

Create categories and sub-categories

to organize the documents in relative repositories with unlimited revisions to the documents similarly.

Proper document indexing through

DMS which prepares every single file to be easily locatable via relevant tags and metadata.

DMS dynamic search filters

Dynamic search filters quickly retrieve the desired document residing in any directory.

DMS Features

Document Management System Software (DMS) is a complete solution for any sized organization for a paperless environment. Organizations around the world are moving towards a paperless work environment as it is environment-friendly, saves costs, and is the best way to organize office files in a centralized repository.

Centralized data server to ensure storage in a single place

Instant document retrieval

Dynamic search filters to look in a particular category

Secure and encrypted storage format

Personalized access and roles management

User-friendly mobile and web applications

Real-time notifications and alerts

Easy document import

Multi-format document download

Compliance with all kinds of equipment

Ready-to-deploy full feasible system & installation

Files upload and delete requests

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Compliance with all kinds of equipment

Compliance with all kinds of equipment

Compliance with all kinds of equipment

Compliance with all kinds of equipment

Compliance with all kinds of equipment

Compliance with all kinds of equipment