eForms Management System


Manage all the forms electronically and get a freedom of personalized access to ensure the confidentiality of company's information.

Admin Portal

Access and control all administrative tasks through the admin portal. you can easily assign and manage the roles and rights of different users as an admin. for example, as an HR, manage the roles of the organizational hierarchy and assign any form to them at any particular point.

Easy Sign-In

Our eForms software has single sign-on (SSO) functionality to quickly log-in to the user interface by directly authenticating the credentials through multiple third-party applications and websites. For example, use your google or apple account to get access of the software at single click.

Convenient Forms Creation

With our handy forms studio, create customized and dynamic eForms at great ease by dragging and dropping the fields. you may also shape an eForms in segments to ensure accurate data gathering and utmost user attention.


Manage all the created eForms in the portal from the dashboard. the dashboard is a centralized look-up space for all the ongoing tasks and procedures related to your electronic forms. keep a keen eye on your forms in the dashboard and get notifications about the proceedings.

Notifications & Reports

Get Real-Time Notifications And Personalized Alerts Whenever One Of Your Forms Gets Any Makeup. This Will Help You To Stay Mindful So That You’ll Not Compromise On The Quality Control Of Your Work. Moreover, Get Deep Analytical Reports Of Your eForms And Workflows At Hand To Guarantee The Best Results.

Workflow Studio

Get Your Specialized Workflows Aligned Through Workflow Studio To Make Sure The Robustness Of Your Company. Various Workflows Can Be Defined As Hr’s Departmental Work And Candidates' Recruitment Process Can Be Automated Electronically In A More Habitual Way.

Paperless professional surroundings: Absolute eForms software let you switch to a paper-free environment by digitalizing all office forms.

Easy to adapt: Conveniently adapt to the most friendly user interface and create customized eForms by simply dragging and dropping components.

Precise data collection:Create electronic forms in segments and gather data more precisely from the respective respondents.

Stay Confidential: Keep your professional information confidential by making it viewable on eForms for the authorized candidates only

Streamline the workflow:Design specialized workflows and directly integrate them with relevant eForms to foresee the feasibility of projects.

Our Clients

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